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Second Tekkou Project

The pair of tekkou that I posted about yesterday were a sort of prototype for the future. I knew that what I really wanted was a pair in the green hemp-linen I've been making a bunch of stuff out of lately. I'd already made a pair of kyahan from this material, so a matching pair of tekkou were necessary.

More Tekkou

I decided the first pair were a mite small, so I enlarged the pattern a half inch. They're also lined with white linen instead of both layers being heavy. Lastly, I made eighth-panel straps instead of quarter-panel straps, just like I said I would. I'm pretty happy with the way those came out, and I think they'll be more comfortable to wear.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the outer body and the lining of the tekkou. I could have done these a slightly different way that would have made them lay flatter. maybe for the third pair.

More Tekkou, Shell

More Tekkou, Lining

I've also added step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for how to make tekkou like these to the Tekkou project page.

2013.08.21 at 12:00am EDT

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