Embroidery Files

A few years ago, I purchased an embroidery machine (on deep sale for Mother's Day) and some software for making custom stitch files. Here are some VP3 stitch files you can download, but no guarantees they will work on any machine but my own. These files and the designs on which they are based are my work and my property, although the original images from which they have been transformed might not be mine. These files are free to download for use in your personal projects, gifts, or donated largess. Please make sure that I receive proper credit for my contribution your project. Do not offer my files themselves for sale as a commercial product, or offer my files through your web site even if they are free downloads. Feel free to link to them here on my web site for any purpose, as long as you maintain attribution to me. If you wish to use any of these files to embroider your own work and sell it, please contact me to ask for permission. Really, this is just so I can keep track of how my work is being utilized. Normally, there is no licensing fee for small-run products, just some kind of attribution and maybe a sample of your work. Anyway, let me know if you have any problems with these files, or if you'd like me to try converting them to some other format.

Kingdom of Aethelmearc


Escarbuncle (Small, Fieldless)

Escarbuncle (Large, Fieldless)



Keystone (Fielded)

Keystone (Fieldless, for gold fabric)

Golden Alce



Fleur d'Aethelmearc


Golden Thorn

Thrown Weapons Rank Badge (Fieldless, fabric color defines rank)

Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands


Small Comet

BMDL Populace Badge (Fieldless, for black fabric)


Large Comet, Counterchanged (for "Blue and Silver")

Large Comet (for "Red", "Gold", and "Green" comets)

Miscellaneous SCA

Populace Badge for the Kingdom of Meridies (Fieldless, for black fabric)

A Laurel Wreath (Fieldless, multi-purpose)

Queen's Favor for Her Majesty Gabrielle 2 (Fieldless, for red fabric)

Arts & Sciences Badge (Fieldless, for blue fabric)

Miscellaneous Media-Related Images

Heptapod A Logogram for Earth, from "Arrival"

Large "Cowboy Bebop" Logo

Small "Cowboy Bebop" Logo

Large "Comboy Bebop" Logo as a merrowed patch

Bob the Angry Flower from Action Beat

Bob the Angry Flower Large Face

Bob the Angry Flower Small Simpler Face

"Stephen Universe" Cookie Cat Frozen Treat

Shoulder Patch from "Dark Star"

Gudetama, the Lazy Egg

Jayne's Leg Patch from "Serenity"

Roadhouse Logo from "Twin Peaks", Large

Roadhouse Logo from "Twin Peaks", Small

Roadhouse Logo from "Twin Peaks", Merrowed Patch

Shrug Unicode Emoji

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