The Japanese Woodworking Manual

At Pennsic 45 in 2016, I was gifted with an extraordinary document. The gift was anonymous, and I have no information on its provenance. It does appear to be "quite old", as they say in the antique business. It shows serious signs of wear, and is slightly worm-eaten. It is bound in the traditional Japanese style, and printed on very thin paper. It appears to be a woodworking manual.

I neither speak nor read Japanese, so I don't know what the captions or instructions say, but many of the illustrations show objects that are familiar to me as Japanese household objects.

I scanned in the book, page by page. I figured that any damage caused by the scanning process would be less than what might be caused by continued handling. I'm hopinh that by presenting the scans here, my friends on the Internet can help me translate this document and discover its history. These are thumbnails. Select any image to view the full 600dpi scan.

Thank you to Master Ii Katsumori for what few translations I have here.

Kotsubogane (Small pot carpenter's square/model?) 4th Scroll Catalogue