Scoring System for Psycho Killer Shooting Sprees




Bonus Points:


The Angry Californian

A bloody rampage in California. A man angry about being evicted from his home went on a shooting spree... killing six people. Then he turned the gun on himself yesterday morning. Investigators say 43-year-old Lynwood Drake took his own life as police spoke on the telephone to a woman he was holding hostage. The drama began when Drake allegedly shot two men to death and wounded a third at a house in Morro Bay. An all- points bulletin was issued, and police found a fourth victim at a nearby house. Before it was over, two more people wer killed.

Your doctor from, high blood circulation i the work of EDbut more intensive disorder in the Indian analogues.

5 kills                50
1 fatal wound          08
hostages              -05     at least
resolution            -05
location               05     moved around a bunch
selection              05     appears random

total                  58

The Courthouse Shooter

A gunman opened fire inside the courthouse July 1st... killing an assistant district attorney and another lawyer. Two judges and a prosecutor were wounded but have recovered.

2 kills                20  20
3 wounds               13  09 more detail needed
selection              30  20
location               20  10
resolution             ??  ??

preliminary total      83  59

Watch Your Hands

In California... a 19-year-old man convicted of killing a deaf man and wounding his brother was sentenced today to 12 years in the state's Youth Authority. Joey Paul Bellinger pleaded NO contest to the charges... saying he mistook the men's sign languarge for aggressive gang symbolism. Officials say Bellinger and four fellow gang members were in a car at a traffic light when the brothers rode up on a motorcycle. After apparently misinterpreting the signs, police say Bellinger forced the two into an alley and started shooting.

1 kill                 10  10
1 wound                05  05
captured               00  00
style                  10  10  mistook sign for  aggressive gang symbolism
selection             -05 -05  What a fuckup

totals                 20  20

Makin' a List

(SOMERVILLE, New Jersey)- A jury in Somerset County has convicted a 22-year-old man of the murder of his adoptive parents. Matthew Heikkila shot and killed his parents at their home in Bernards Township in January 1991.Police found spent shotgun shells at the scene with the words ``Mom'' and ``Mom and Dad'' inscribed on them. The jury that convicted Heikkila yesterday will reconvene January 4th to determine whether he should get the death penalty.

2 kills                20
style                  20 [Enscribed Shotgun shells! A winner idea!]

total                  40 

The CIA Shooter

A shooting spree outside the C-I-A headquarters today killed two people. A man with a rifle opened fire outside the main C-I-A gate in suburban Washington... killing two C-I-A employees and wounding three others.

Bonus points! This particular shooter is still at large, and the US Department of State has created a web page in its HEROES tree that offers a $100,000 reward for him. I say this earns him an extra ten points.

kills                  20
wounds                 15
resolution             10 (I think he got away)
location               10 (CIA Headquarters!)

total                  55 points
BONUS		       10

new total	       65

The Cafeteria Killer

TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) [1/27/93] -- Police say a man in a business suit opened fire in an office building cafeteria at lunchtime Wednesday, killing three people and wounding three others.

The shooting occurred at about 1:05 p.m. at the Island Restaurant, a cafeteria in the Island Center office building in the Rocky Point area near the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

Wendt said the witness told him the man had been fired, and that he walked to a particular table of the first-floor cafeteria and said, ``This is what you get for firing me'' before he began shooting.

2 kills                20  20
1 fatal wound          08  08
2 ser. wounded         10  10
suicide                -5  -5
suit                   +5  +5
dorky line             -5  +5 (ee: It's a cliche, not dorky line!)
witnesses              +5  00 (ee: why didn't he kill *them* too?)
location               -5  00 (ee: boring, but not worth penalizing for)

total                  33  43

The Produce Store Killer

HOUSTON, TX. (UPI) [2/6/93] In other news... two men are dead and a woman critically injured after a shooting spree in Houston. Fernando Ruiz... a store clerk... killed his former employer, shot a former co-worker... then fatally shot himself. Officials say the owner of a produce store had just fired Ruiz for stealing.

2 kills              20
1 serious wounding   05
suicide             -05
motive               00 (bo-ring)
location             00 (snooze time)

total                20

The Bad Report Card Kid

A teenager and a police officer are dead in Fort Worth, Texas. That after the boy fired shots randomly from a window in his home last night. Two neighbors were wounded. When an officer drove by... a single bullet struck him. It was fatal. Police stormed the boy's home... killing him in a hail of gunfire.

Officials say the boy was distraught because he brought home a bad report card. They say he was the son of a police officer.

2 neighbors wounded     05
1 officer killed        10
hail of gunfire death   20

location                05      His house?
reason for spree        05      Report Card?
parent choice           05      Dad was a cop!

total                   50

The Lawyer Slayer

[07/01/93] SAN FRANCISCO -- A man in a business suit walked into a skyscraper in San Francisco's financial district Thursday and opened fire with automatic weapons, killing at least eight people and wounding several others before killing himself. Mayor Frank Jordan said the gunman, described as a heavy-set, middle-aged white man, shot himself to death in a stairwell between the 29th and 30th floors as police SWAT teams closed in.

Victims         103             8 dead 4 serious woundings 1 minor wounding
Resolution       -5             Kills self in starirway as SWAT closes in
Weapons          15             2 9mm pistols and "large bag of ammo"
Costuming        20             Corporate camouflage
Style            25             Indescribably beautiful
Method            5             Merely shot them, but so well!
Location         50             Office building! Law firm! All right!
Victim Select.   10             Random, but lawyers!

Total           223             

The LIRR Horror

[12/07/93] Long Island -- A man opens fire while on a crowded commuter train. He calmly walks down the aisle shooting random people in their heads. Most other passengers panic, and attempt to flee the car, piling up at the doors. Gunman is tackled and held by three passengers when he pauses to reload for the second time.

4 kills          40
2 fatal wounds   16
16 woundings     64     We'll assume that half of these were reasonably minor
resolution      -10     Overpowered by bystanders? Gimme a break.
weapon choice     5     "Rapid-fire pistol" ideal for cramped situations
style            10     Reports show him as perfectly calm throughout
method            5     Random, but methodical and dedicated
location         10     Crowded train. Kul!
selection         2     Just random people he hated.
bonus!            5     For being able to reload that first time

total           147     Wow! 

The Spokane Shooter

06/21/94 Preliminary scoring for the recent spree in Spokane:

kills                    40
wounds                   95
resolution               10 (killed by MPs)
location                 10 (army base!)
reason                  - 1 (lost his job)
victim choice             9 (hunted down headshrinker that got him discharged)

total                   163 (pretty good!)

The UNC Chapel Hill Gunman

[Chapel Hill, NC, January 26 1995] - A gunman opened fire in downtown Chapel Hill, killing two people and wounding two others with a high powered rifle, police said.

That man began shooting at passing cars about 2pm and was arrested within an hour after being shot by police, authorities said.

The gunman wounded a bystander who tackeld him and a female police officer. All three were taken to hospitals, where their conditions were not immediately available.


2 kills		 20
2 wounds	 10
resolution	-05	(ee - Tackled by a bystander & arrested? Loser!)
bonus points	 00	(ee - None. Everything was so standard.)

total		 25	(ee - Not everyone can have greatness.)

Geek Kills Mail Order Bride

[Seattle, WA, March 2 1995] On the last day of a messy divorce case (she's a Philipino mail-order bride and claims he beat her, he's a geek who claims she used him to get into the US and milked him for $17,000) the husband walks up to wifey in the hallway of the courtroom during a break and opens fire, shooting her several times in the head and abdomen, (she was 8 months pregnant with another man's child.) He also shoots her two friends who were there. Wife, child and one friend die immediately. One friend dies overnight in hospital. Man captured by police. He had closed his bank account and had his last $650 on him with a will.

2 kills		 20
1 fatal wound	  8
Resolution	  0  (lame! Should have had more ammo!)
location	  5  (lots of police around)
style		 20  (Kills baby of some other man!)

total		 53

The Mystery Shooter

We have a killing spree. Someone kicked down the door of a post office in the shopping district of an affluent New Jersey suburb of New York. Killed four postal workers, wounded one customer. The shooter got away clean--police are canvassing the area for clues.

4 kills		 40   
1 simple wound	  5   
resolution	 10   (not captured)
location	 10   (post office)
location	  5   (New Jersey)
selection	  5   (postal workers dead, customers alive)
originality	 -5   

total  		 70

The Corpus Corpsemaker

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) [4/3/95]-- A gunman opened fire in a refinery inspection company, killing at least five people and then shooting himself, police said. Details weren't immediately available, but Assistant Police Chief Ken Bung confirmed that five people were dead and the gunman was being taken to a hospital. The gunman is believed to be a former employee, police said.

The gunman later died in hospital.

5 kills		 50
resolution	-05	(kills self)
resolution	-05	(actually, fatally wounds self)
weapons		 05	(apparently, used two different guns)

total		 45

Beach Blanket Bang Bang

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Reuter) [Feb. 9, 1996]- A man opened fire at an meeting of a city beach cleaning crew early Friday morning, killing five people before committing suicide, police said.

Another employee was hospitalized with critical injuries, officials said.

The shootings occurred about 3 a.m. EST as workers gathered at a trailer office near downtown Fort Lauderdale to begin their daily shift of cleaning the beach.

``This is ... a portable-type unit utilized by a number of city departments and we have confirmed that city workers do make up many of those involved in the shooting,'' said Fort Lauderdale police officer Al Ortenzo.

ABC quoted an unidentified co-worker as saying the shooter was a former employee who was fired last year after failing a drug test and had vowed to return and ``kill everybody.''

five confirmed kills 	 50
one serious wounding	 05
commits suicide		-05
reloads!		 05
methodical fashion!	 05
inaccuracy penalty	-03 (He needed more than one load to kill five unarmed people?

total			 57

Scotland's "Slaughter of the Innocents"

DUNBLANE, SCOTLAND- Man walks into a school, starts shooting.

15 fatalities		 150
1 fatal wounding	  08
12 serious wounds	  60
suicide resolution      - 05
location		  10 (schools are usually safe outside the US)
victim selection	  20 (randomness & helplessness - 5 & 6 year-olds)
weapon choice		  10 (few handgun permits in Scotland)
resolution		 -20 (no motive known yet (no raving or notes))

preliminary score	 233 

It turns out, that he really loved children, but was distraught that allof the children's clubs he administrated were removed from his control over allegations he was a molester. I'm removing half of Kent's penalty.

final score		 243

Supremacist Shooter

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) [4/13/96] -- A white supremacist who sprayed a shopping center in a largely black neighborhood with random gunfire left neo-Nazi notes behind, leading police to conclude Saturday that racial hatred sparked the deadly shooting.

Larry Wayne Shoemake, 53, was found dead inside the abandoned restaurant where he had fired dozens of shots - killing one person and wounding 10 others - before he set the building on fire and perished in the flames Friday night.

1 kill                 10
10 wounded             50
resolution            -05     technically killed self, see other bonus later
weapon choice          25     unclear if all were fired, but still, wow
style                  10     propaganda-museum house plus more ammo
location               15     outdoor scene refreshing change (also: "PoFolks")
creative resolution    25     most just save a bullet--this was a statement

total                 130

Wheeling Wacko

WHEELING, W.Va. Mar. 7 1997 (UPI) -- Police in Wheeling, West Virginia are investigating a tragic murder-suicide which left 6 members of one family dead. Detectives say 30-year-old Mark Storm, who had reportedly checked himself out of a mental institution earlier in the day, shot and killed his wife, 2 young daughters, his brother and his mother before turning the gun on himself Thursday night.

Wheeling Police Detective Bill Barry says Storm first killed his wife, 27-year-old Betty Jo Storm, and their 2 young daughters at their home in one part of the city. The girls were identified as 8-year-old Jessica Storm, and Megan Storm, who's believed to be under the age of 5. Police say all were dead at the scene.

Mark Storm then reportedly drove to his mother's house, where he shot to death his 32-year-old brother, Benjamin Storm. He also shot their mother, Roberta Niles, who died a short time later at Ohio Valley Medical Center.

Storm then walked from his mother's house to the nearby banks of the Ohio River, where he turned the gun on himself.

confirmed kills			4	 40
woundings resulting in death    1	  8
shooter kills self			 -5
[bonus] location: wheeling		 10
[bonus] style: travelling killer	 10
[bonus] selection of victims:	family	-10

PS: March 7th is the birthday of this page's owner.

Rio Rampage

Web posted at: 10:18 p.m. EDT (0218 GMT)

RIO DE JANEIRO May 22, 1997 (Reuter) -- A former soldier armed with two guns and a grenade , ran amok and killed at least 17 people on Thursday in a small town in northeastern Brazil before dying in a shootout with police, a police spokesman said.

Genildo Ferreira started his shooting spree Wednesday night, killing a taxi driver he suspected of having an affair with his wife, the spokesman said.

He then roamed the streets of Sao Goncalo do Amarante in Rio Grande do Norte state until midday on Thursday armed with a hit list and shot to death at least another 16 people, including his wife and mother-in-law, he said.

Ferreira, who was finally cornered by 200 police officers in a ceramic tile factory where he was hiding out with two hostages, a woman and her young daughter, died in a gun fight with police, the police spokesman said. The two hostages were freed unharmed.

It was not clear whether Ferreira committed suicide or whether police shot him. One of the hostages said Ferreira shot himself before police riddled his body with bullets.

Genival said that three months earlier Ferreira had gone to buy a coffin, telling the undertaker he was going to commit suicide.

Copyright 1997 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.
17 Kills                         +170
2 wounded                         +10
8 missing presumed shot           +40?
2 hostages                        -10
Killed by cops/Maybe suicide       +0?
Required 200 police to corner him +10
Bought his own coffin              +5
17/25 = 68% kill ratio            +10
List of victims                   +10
weapon choice - hand grenade       +5

TOTAL                            250 points 

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

TBILISI, Georgia; June 2, 1997 (Reuter) - A Russian sergeant shot dead 10 of his fellow servicemen in a peacekeeping unit in Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia and then killed himself, sources with the Russian military in Tbilisi said on Monday.

The sources said three other soldiers were wounded. Russia's defense ministry in Moscow confirmed that the incident had taken place but gave no details.

Interfax news agency said the sergeant, whom it named as Artur Vaganov, had run amok early on Sunday.

Itar-Tass news agency said the sergeant had removed ammunition from other automatic weapons stored at the post before he opened fire on his sleeping comrades at 5 a.m.

confirmed kills (10)		100
woundings			 15
suicide ending			 -5
[bonus] style			  5	(emptied others' guns!)
[bonus] reportage		  5	("ran amok")
total				120

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