Note Clippies

For people with a million scraps of paper on their desk.

A few clippies on my desk.

December 1998

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I saw some objects like these in a local store, and decided that it would be cheaper to make some. I think the originals were for holding photos, but I find them more useful for holding onto those little scraps of paper that wind up on my desk. Instead of those scraps getting buried under larger things, or being blown off onto the floor, they hover several inches off of the surface of my desk, held in the jaws of note clippies.

The clippies also provide a way to keep similar pieces together. For instance, one clippy holds all the little scraps that contain phone numbers. I also use clippies when we have parties to hold labels for the various cheeses we usually serve.


For each clippy:

A few clippies on my desk.

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