Space Coaster

A Science Fiction Coaster

It's the great Space Coaster... We'll explore!


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This was actually meant to be a prototype for another project, but this one came out so nice, and the other one was basically a failure, so I decided it was a project on its own.

I call this the Space Coaster because the style of the design is inspired by a lot of the prop design for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". I haven't seen much of "Voyager" or "Enterprise", but I think that DS:9 is probably my favorite Star Trek series, due in large part to the interesting prop and set design.


The coaster is made entirely of corrugated cardboard, cut into interesting shapes, and colored with a marker.


I think what I did was cut the pieces out of a smaller squaere, and then spread them out along the edges of a larger square. If you take a good lok, you can pretty easily figure out what the pattern is.

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