Giant Icehouse Pieces

Spray Painted Cardboard

All four stashes set up on my dresser.

September, 2001

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Looney Labs launched a new era of piecenik obsession with the release of Giant Cardboard Stashes. These are Icehouse pieces with the same proportions as The Martian Chess Set, but eight times normal size. They only come in plain white, though, but I wanted to be able to play most pyramid games with them, I needed to somehow color them.

The easiest way to color this much area is spray paint. It's easy to get a nice even coat, and I didn't need to worry about cleaning rollers or anything. I just finished painting my fourth stash of pieces recently (now I have a full set!), and since several people have asked for pointers, I thought I would put my accumulated "wisdom" onto a web page anybody can use as a reference.

Blessed are the piecemakers!

Before You Begin

Preparing to Paint

The yellow pieces, after spraying, laid out on my carport.


These aren't half finished, they're just two-tone.

After You're Done

You can see the gradient effect much better on the blue pieces.

Thanks to Sean M. "Sathya" Lacy (sml) for some valuable additions to this document!

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