Folding Hatadai

Slightly More portable

A folding hatadai A folded hatadai

September 2012

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When I made my first hatadai banner stand late last year, somebody asked me if it came apart or collapsed at all for easy travel. The answer to that was "No", but I had an idea how such a thing might work.

Off center hatadai hinging Pole in the hatadai hole

The off-center hinge pin means that the pole can't be inserted until the stand is fully open, and once the pole is there, the stand can't close up

All wood contstruction, with no metal fasteners. I did almost all of the cutting and shaping by hand. The legs were ripped from cypress 2x4, planed roughly square by hand, and mortised by hand with chisels. The cross-beams were ripped from cypress 1x12, planed to width by hand, drilled on the drill press, then tapered and tenoned by hand. I even made the cypress hinge pins using a dowel plate. Everything was glued and clamped together until it was ready to use!

Display your colors on a hatadai

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