Iceclock Version 3

Now, in Color

A new, more colorful IceClock

May 2004

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I made the first IceClock more than six years ago. How time flies. I realized over the summer that my capabilities had improved greatly since then. I now have a color printer, and much better design software. I also had a Timex clock in the closet for several years with this in mind. It was time to make a new IceClock! Bigger! More Colorful! Nicer!


The clock is a Timex 3601T bedside quartz alarm clock that I bought at Kmart several years ago. It has an alarm with snooze, a little light bulb for reading the time in the dark, runs on one AA battery, and is easy to disassemble.

The face and hands are made of two of my favorite materials: sticker paper run through the printer, and self-adhesive lamination.

The Process

  1. First, I measured the diameter of the clock face.
  2. Next, I designed a new face in CorelDraw. I used one of its many artistic fills for the color washed background.
  3. Lastly, I designed the pieces/hands in CorelDraw according to the official piece specifications.
  4. The hands were laminated both front and back to resist curling.
  5. I opened the clock and removed the hands. Set the time to 12:00 noon before you do this, including the alarm hand.
  6. I cut the new face to size, and installed it in the clock.
  7. For all but the second hand, I punched holes in the pieces to allow for the center post to pass through.
  8. I stuck the pieces to the appropriate hands, trimming the hands when necessary.
  9. To keep the hands from sticking to each other, I dusted the remaining exposed adhesive with baby powder.
  10. I installed the new hands in the correct order, and replaced the front lens.

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