Blue Flannel Pyjamas

Me, standing on a couch, wearing pyjamas.

December 2004

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After my experiences sewing some garb for Pennsic, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at something a little more complex, and a little more useful. I decided that pyjamas were just the thing.

I wear pyjamas around the house a lot, especially in the winter. I also wear pyjamas while wandering the halls on the Friday night of Science Fiction conventions that I attend, because that night tends to have the most pyjama party mood. I wore them to PhilCon right after they were finished, and got a bunch of compliments.

At the time, this was the most complex sewing project I'd attempted.

Blue hydrangea fabric swatch


The flowery blue flannel and purply buttons came from G Street fabrics. Of course this project used a lot of thread, some interfacing, etcetera.

The Process

I used this pyjama pattern from a company called "Purrfection Artistic Wearables". The instructions were mostly clear, and the jammies are comfortable. They're designed a bit larger than I need them, so I might skinny-fy the pattern if I use it again.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern, leaving out the contrasting trim, moving the shirt pocket to the other side, and adding a back pocket to the pants. The pants already had side pockets, which is way cool. I left out the faux fly. I wish I'd decided to make it a real fly instead.

Sewing flannel is very different from sewing most cotton, because the fabric does not slide against itself at all. It saves on pinning, but is very aggravating when you're trying to fold the fabric in half for the cutting stage.

I probably spent about 14 hours making them, because of having to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, how many pieces had to be cut from the fabric, etc. Also, some of the seams had to be serged, ironed, sewn, re-ironed, and then top-stitched. I probably spent four hours on the collar alone!

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