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March 2011

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My apologies for the busy, busy background of the photo, but I didn't realize that the photos I took of this project in the sewing room were so awful until after I had already moved it to my office.

The kariginu is made from polyester brocade. No apologies for that. Since this is only the second garment of this type I've ever made and only the second lined garment I've ever made, I wasn't going to spend for the 15 yards of proper-width silk brocade that would be necessary. Plus, this brocade was on sale for 50% off. Now that I know I can complete the garment, maybe I will try with silk. Maybe next year.

The garment is fully lined in a plain black fabric. That was fun. The sleeves are easy to line. The body is also easy if you are confident enough to turn the entire garment through the neck hole.

The lacing is some flat 3/8" ribbon from the fabric store. I hope to replace it some time this summer. The collar frog is the only part of this project made from actual silk, since I only needed about two feet of flat braid for that as opposed to the three yards you need for each sleeve.


The sleeve lacing is attached through "belt loops". I was hoping that sewing 32 belt loops would be faster than sewing 76 button holes as I did for the suikan. I was wrong, but they probably look nicer.


The color is a bit off in that last picture, but it shows how the cherry blossoms in the brocade pattern shimmer as the garment's angle to the light changes. This is certinly the shiniest garment I have ever made.

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