Minimice 2

Modern Minimice pieces made from modern plastic pieces

A stash of plastic Icehouse pieces that has been reduced to triangles and squares

August 2007

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Back more than nine years ago, when I made the Minimice stash of minimalist pyramids, Icehouse Games had gone out of business and Looney Labs had not yet started manufacturing the modern plastic pyramids. The only way to to get new pyramids was to make them, and several people came up with creative methods of making pyramids or objects that would act as pyramids for games like Zarcana. None of them really caught on, and all of them died out after plastic pieces became available. Now, people mostly decorate plastic pieces, and I felt the time had come to recreate one of my prveious designs using modern materials.

It's been a while since I did pieceniking, so this was a good nostalgic trip.


The only material used in this project was one full stash of clear Icehouse pyramids.

The only tool used in this project was a band saw, if you don't count fingers as tools.

The Process

  1. Set up a tall fence 1/8" away from the band saw blade.
  2. Press the base of a piece up against the fence.
  3. Slide the piece into the blade, stopping before the blade cuts the fourth side.
  4. Remove the piece from the blade.
  5. Press the fourth side up against the fence.
  6. Slide the piece into the blade, stopping before the blade cuts the base off.
  7. Remove the Minimice piece and the scrap piece from the blade.
  8. Repeat previous steps 14 more times, being very careful with the 1-pointers.
  9. Clean the melted plastic off all 15 pieces.

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