Eeyore's Personal Nanofic

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Eeyore, the convention, it was spilled, there was more

June 2003

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As everyone knows, that guy called Eeyore enjoys drinking Martinis. He really enjoys having a Martini right after he arrives at a Science Fiction convention, because it helps him unwind for the upcoming weekend. One time, he was walking and spilled the Martini! Luckily, there was more gin in the flask, and three more olives!


The Process

First, use a drawing package to create a template the size and shape of a Nanoblank, and print this template onto a sheet of card stock to make a "carrier sheet". Use the low-tack adhesive to attach a Nanoblank to the carrier sheet. Set the original template to non-printing, and add clip-art and text to the page. Feed the carrier sheet into the manual feed slot of your printer, and print the design onto the card.

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