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Network Problem, co-ax Network Problem, 10baseT

co-ax 1998, 10baseT 2001

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This pair of twisted projects is what happens when you mix an old idea with the Bastard Operator from Hell. Specifically the sentence "The mains plug with the thinwire ethernet plug at the end" from file 7.

So anyway, in case you can't tell from the pictures, I have two cables. One is a lamp cord with a co-ax ethernet plug on one end, and the other is a 10baseT ethernet cord with a lamp plug on one end. I haven't actually plugged either of these into an ethernet or power grid, but I imagine the results would be somewhat memorable if I plugged either into both simultaneously.

Mostly, I just leave these around in my office, or let them drop out of my computer bag when the network admin happens to be looking. It gets a laugh every time, just like the time I tried to give the President that chocolate gun.

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