An Acrylic Fountain

The fountain, cleaned up and in my basement. The fountain, running in my basement.

October 1996

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This was one of my first major concept projects, and a major failure, really. This project was fun to work on, but the fountain never really functioned the way I'd envisioned it, and it was very expensive to build. I learned some very important questions to ask before beginning work.

Orthogonal view, showing the water reservoir.

Of course, if you're just screwing around, you can pretty much ignore those kinds of questions.

Anyway, the concept behind this project was that it would be a rectangular waterfall that could sit on top of a table. It would be made out of Plexiglas so that a light could shine through the whole fountain and make neat patterns on the ceiling.

The execution of the project had/has many problems:

I hadn't even tried to run it in years until recently, and it spent its time sitting on the bottom shelf of a storage rack in the basement. I had to spend about ten minutes cleaning sawdust and spiderwebs off of it to take the pictures for this page.

On the up side for all of this, I only used about 2/3 of the sheet of Plexiglas, so I have some very large pieces in stock in case I need them, and I have a bevvy of small pieces for various things like the screen of the Padd ][, the Broken Pane, and the aforementioned Dangerous Object.

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