Stereo Shelf

More Horizontal Surface

A wooden shelf

December 2005

horizontal rule


There's no big story here, it's just that occasionally, in the room I use as a "study", I run out of horizontal surfaces on which to pile things. I really try to keep the floor clear of stuff, and I don't like to keep things on the sofuton, so sometimes I have to get creative. I recently needed to expand the shelf space used for storing comic books, which displaced some of my old college textbooks to the shelf where the spare laptop lives. This laptop controls all the X10 stuff in the house, so it's pretty important. I wanted to keep the laptop near the stereo (because it occasionally plays MP3s) so I temporarily put it on top of the CD Crates that are right next to the stereo. I realized that was a bad idea, so I put a board across front the stereo that's at one end of the filing cabinet, to the UPS (Yes, I have a UPS for my stereo. So what? We get a lot of minor power outages here, and I got tired of constantly re-doing my presets.) that's at the other, and realized that was perfect, but it needed to be a little nicer than just a board if it was going to be permanent.

See, I told you there was no big story.

This woodworking project marks a departure from my normal means of construction in that it uses no visible fasteners. It's all dowels and glue instead of screws or nails. Fancy!


(I actually later added two screws, but those are just to hold the UPS in place, they're not structural.)

The Process

The tough part was the doweling, of course. I'd actually meant to use three dowels, but only two wound up lining up correctly. I have a "T" bracket if this winds up not being sturdy enough in the long run.

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