Adhesive Tape Roll Rack

A Storage Rack for Rolls of Adhesive Tape

Rolls of tape on a tape roll rack

February 2009

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I've been spending so much time down in the basement workshop these days that some of the little things about my project space that have been bothering me for years have finally annoyed me enough to find solutions.

This one's a little rack to hold rolls of tape. The plate is a scrap piece of 1x2. The dowel pieces are 2.25" lengths of scrap loset rod. The discs are 3"-diameter circles of 1/4" plywood, cut with a hole saw. The whole thing is attached to my workbench just over the drill press.

Before I had this rack, all my rolls of tape were on a single hook, which was slightly inconvenient when I needed to get to the one in back, which always turned out to be the one I wanted. Now, random access is a little better. You can buy these is stores, but building it out of scrap is cheaper.

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