Velcro Attache

A Briefcase Lined with VelcroTM Compatible Fabric

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March, 1998

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This is an aluminum clad briefcase, lined with VelcroTM compatible fabric. The idea is that, to fasten something to the inside of the case, you only need to wrap it in some double-sided Velcro tape (scratchy side out) and if you do it right, the object will be secured. Some objects can also have Velcro dots stuck to them, and those objects will be self-securing.

For instance, to carry my laptop in the case, I wrap it with two perpendicular straps. I have a small plastic box with a couple of dots stuck to it, and I use this box to hold small items and keep them from rattling around.

The straps are another Velcro product that are just scratchy side Velcro on one side, and fuzzy side Velcro on the other. This stuff is marketed under the name "Get-a-Grip" and is excellent for many things, but especially this project. Since it's double-sided all the way along, you can just cut pieces to the length you need, and they instantly work.

For a while the case was out of comission. I was having some trouble with my adhesives, keeping the lining attached to the inside of the case. Also, in some high-traffic portions of the case, the fabric was separating from its foam backing.

The photographs above are actually of the Mark 2 case. Instead of just using a single layer of fabric, each surface is covered in two layers of fabric that have been quilted together. The first thing this does is put rounded edges on all the fabric, so it's less likely to peel apart at the edges. this also keeps the fabric from pulling apart in the middle, since there's a little more give in the system. Lastly, the fuzzy side of the fabric soaks up more adhesive, which hopefully makes it more durable. Here's a picture of the luxuriously quilted new lining, and a loop of Velcro stapping.

Close-up of the interior.

The new adhesive is... Tacky Glue! I seriously love this stuff. It's a thick white glue, that dries to a clearish, flexible layer. I used up about 1.5 bottles of the stuff relining the case, and so far it's working great!

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