Japanese Floor Cushions

Beige wooly zabuton Cream twill zabuton

February 2009

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I even found some time to do some quick utility sewing recently. The organizer (Called "autocrat" in the SCA) of the Mi-no-Hi event tomorrow announced that royal court at the event will be held in traditional Japanese "sit on the floor" style, so I made a pair of zabuton floor cushions, one for myself and one for Sharon.


These are covered with extra fabric we had sitting around, and filled with some 3 inch thick foam rubber I had left over from a chair restoration. There's also a layer of carpet padding glued to the foam to keep the cushion from totally bottoming out.

The Process

Two of the three seams are sewn on the serger, and the final seam is blind-stitched by hand to close the cover. I also sewed on some fabric tags with my personal badge ("On a hexagon Or, a rabbit's head cabossed sable", which means "a black bunny head on a honey-gold hexagon") so they can be identified later.

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