Eeyore's Scouting Memorabilia

Below are scans and photographs of some of the memorabilia I have from my time in Scout Troop 122 in the Thomas A. Edison Council of the Boy Scouts of America. I know that experiences in the Boy Scouts vary widely from person to person and from troop to troop. My experiences in this troop were excellent. I learned lessons that I still utilize today. I don't just have memories of that time, I made those memories. We made those memories, I along with the the leaders and other scouts of the troop. These are not memories of things that happened to us, these are memories of things that we did. The patches and things below are not just things that I bought, but markers of the times when those memories were made.

Resica Falls Scout Reservation

We did summer camping at Resica Falls four times while I was a Scout, and once more after I turned 18. We camped in the Camp Firestone section of the reservation. Three times, we did standard camp with advancement classes and activities. Twice, we did their "Fawn Run" backpacking activity, completing 50-Miler requirements both times.

Camp Patches



Fawn Run