X T-shirts

Geekwear before geekwear was cool

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Spring, 1992

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Imagine the above it printed 12"x12" on a black cotton T-shirt, with the X on the front and the motto on the back.

I created the X T-shirt in the spring of 1992. Since then, I have printed and sold about a gross of them to people from all over. I started by selling them locally at CMU, but since then I have sold them over the Internet, and since then even sold about 70 of them in one afternoon at SIGGRAPH '94.

It's meant to be a parody of the Malcolm X fad of the early 1990's, but actually appears to have outlasted it. Initially, I was worried that the shirt and it's sentiment might cause racial friction, but those worries appear to have been unfounded. There have been no reported cases of anybody getting beaten up or even yelled at because of this shirt.

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