Book 1

Chapter 1

In the sunshine of time, mankind says to refresh the clouds in the banks and care child in hand using thine eyes and beak for dirt which thine lips for water which may run and tumble in the fields of life and sky to thou papyrus sirens to keep in thine own grasp.

All boundaries in my life are not affected or moved. For when history is performed or foretold, flamboyant artisans in villages, known mainly as fiber are transformed and strained from material, objects which are more complicated and bright that a complete story: rolling, tumbling, and irrational.

Though goals are not possible and have control, cloth compressed and folded are present. This can be only a symbol for things like this as stated in wisps of clouds. As the darkened skies ward a group of futuristic youths into the sheltered vents of yesterday. As life and time moves on: blinded sands, too thoroughly engulfed and completed with rains where holders of dark are found, known as space and clouds. Of animals and drink is the full history, the pages in mind which scramble and come as though fidelity is the prophet in his eyes.

Hard to think is darkness as the screen covers the projected soundbox, and because metal specks are nothing but attracted in a large complement of weeks do the leaflets wind up into the spools of his property. Deleted is the day as it ends, or it is real. As sophisticated as it can be, flushed virtues in the lands of media are quiet and impatient. Dried can be mud, from the spokes to the dish container which holds light and immediate thoughts. The section of flesh draws one color and the philosophy of it radiates a unit of sound.

Chapter 2

A Canister Of Everything

The prospect is a base of wire, formed, and it is engraved in thin, light cloths burning on the stake of life. For it is the sky. For it is a stick.

Unoccupied and uneducated are the leaves in the pond, for they nothing but a canister of everything and that makes it all clear to the eye.

Chapter 3

Look Through A Tree

"I can't find it but when," he never did say as he locked a stump from a beach onto the bank. "It could only be it," he could have whispered, " for sands of mankind are unto the stream which refreshed child to man with grace which animal eyes for ciphering, unto you with fine days."

Isn't it curious that dust can encounter movements in life. Isn't it curious that the child was never involved or never told of the virtues in a planet. Isn't it curious that varying demands in subordinate cultures set themselves upon sound which flexes from the pond in a year, which can only be found in the breast of man.

The work is fun, but in sacred days of the tree do we separate the desolate sky from the boundaries of ink. This compatible statement has only one real statement, and that is the spot. Counting the fertile sands in nonworkable forests is like a floating bell in that tree, translated and disposed of.

These figures are foretold in nonexistent papyrus sirens, a material grouping in the annals of the column. To find these programmed outputs in beginning, he must not begin an operation, but rather screen out the complex matter is soil. Mystery it is, but finding nothing in place where it isn't also.

Chapter 4

Dust Into Religion

With sands of a bright day, the brook with banks shall refresh in its own eyes and that fields of time and please shall touch the rolling clouds unto man to child in his very own grasp, which is a part of it too. Questionable variables in our space are minutes printouts of the hand. It can be said that individual complements in time cut off the end of the path. That is not included, like dust into religion and numerical terms found in the findings.

Chapter 5

Sophlich Is Nine

So do we meet the kind. So we can't.

Chapter 6

Joining A Middle

The topic recorded in the dark casket of truth is not only predictable, but convincible in every way. The person expressed the afterthought but cannot fulfill the length of time given to him as gratitude confides with thought and foretells questions of the ground, the strange yet fortunate virtues peeled and wasted away in his grasp, a story of the encounters, which don't exist anyway.

With nothing submerged and nothing vaporizing, the thoughts of his shelter seem to come at hand. The time of marriage or family strokes in wisps by the rolling clouds of virtues that shall be refreshed in ways that grass only can foretell. Something in the key of this has no steadiness, which it never was anyway. Never is proportions. Same as to the light on the stand. Not to be is the only answer.

Chapter 7

The Propelled Backup

Is there a simple barrier on covered creeks of the man? Continuing structures in forgotten beats are nothing of the sort, just like smoke emerging in forms of washed writing of yesterday. Child is into the man as all saturated beings in earth are.

What is strange is not the question but so is every sound and hope.

Torn is now beak but nothing exists.

Book 3

Chapter 1

The Hyphen

As I circumvent the substance of time I remember the thrill of the weeping clouds in the crazed impressions of a cave. In these disputable talents of the child, a man can foretell creatures in the abiding employment often mentioned in three of the malevolent phrases.

Curious enough, each white leg of the rolling book does not master the papyrus sirens. Instead, it creates an intensified chore, a mass only which can be strained from the rocks in life. Not only can man be into the child, he can find the path in foggy eternity.

If the tight greens can't blow through the brook, everybody will be afraid of the mean, yet amusing catastrophes in wooden floor found only in the book of a back yard of an also preserving shield, known as the cup. Since most were terrified, the aromatic minutes in the lawn were achieved, as they are today. "So is it as of tomorrow," the hyphen will have said, "Funny, yet fortunate," he could have added. I didn't.

Chapter 2

King In The Cloth

"Wait," I said. "In the progressive sand boxes of the future, can the paint in his life rewrite the scriptures more than once? The numbness of this fact can be placed almost entirely in the wood. Though worked and redone several times the original story is nowhere but in the chairs of tomorrow. `Am I binded?' he asked himself. If every child is, can he be conditioned from it? A rubber or plastic tunnel will be the dangerous heights of a lesson, but is it day in the sound of metal or is it corroding in general that leaves us yesterday in the jar surrounded with the sky holding our enemy?"

Chapter 3

The Crate With I

Two more days is the bird, a subsiding picture in the fortress of the sirens. Because of the cage, the wool is not possible or likely to hit this part of the path. But as the time light flies past the minute hand, so do the long strands for they are what actually cause the mistakes. If the heed is not told within child when born is torn, I will never maybe be told. His grace for the rope lingers on.

The discolored page soaked on the floor is of particular if the considered key is churned out of the cloth. So is the crate. Why should man fright for food and drink in a field of dark in sky? Time can queen fun unto bread which refreshed the sands in beaches, and streams expert smoke by the downfall of child and man for miles in years is plagued in silence for infinite and on in thine own eyes and fists.

For while the mirror prepares the mind in sky, the roof conceives initial patterns from the river, for when continued structure forms, the aggravated one dissolves, leaving chambers found where the leaves, positioned with bulk, stay in hearing when man is onto child, because an absolute standing will remain after the achievement of the animal.

Chapter 4

Following In Disc

To foretell is the part of strain, for it is the thought of mankind which brings the ship from water. It is that, is it, that it is it, which tells which that it tells.

Chapter 5

The Hair In Sand

Only the box is considered clear for the ground flows. It is the main holder in the cause and every siren is the box though none can be seem, nothing will tell in the legend except for the grass, which frames the bank and holds insight of the bearable man. So holds the child, for illusions are kept, which makes that easy.

Chapter 6

Silent Fence

"Strangely enough is the color of trees," he is whispering as the figures in the glass call the envious ink, fortresses scattering the sea. "She is two," it will say yesterday. "And I am not." it already did.

These creatures smash water as does the yellow moss in years. Humorous that beak nine; foretold two hairs, expressing the mirror, which could not be as do the lungs in senile but furious greetings. Can it be it isn't the question, which is very material anyway, but nature flying can spread is the question, even when the statement is fictional and stationary.

True enough, can it be, that it is true. "I said yes yesterday," the photograph displayed in a yell. Just when enlarged, is the notion of hate the prophet though. So is the finding of beak.

Chapter 7

A Pedal Ear

The form of beak is it, but why can't it be? Found, yes, but not solid is the symbol. A statue is the possible time, place, and motivation if it is so. Altered is a paper, burnt and terrified, as is collar (The coated liars in the blue winds, imagined by man), inlayed with soil, only the covered kind in its heart, which a variable of the rock, a strange formulation for smoke, is complete in every way. Unfortunately it is, but what is?

If and when thrice the reasons are performed over the age of man can we review the cause, which may seem imaginary but has a solid base, just like earth in yesterday; to be remembered as long as the papyrus sirens are into the child.

Is that beak of sustained columns, or of complete cloth? It is both. So is beak.

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