The Grafted Branch

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Graft = illicit or unfair gain.

This branch of my web site contains things for which I cannot claim primary responsibility. In many cases, it's because I didn't author the original file, but found it elsewhere on the Internet or received it in email. In some cases I've authored the file, but it's really a collection of other peoples' work, so I don't want anybody to think I'm grabbing credit. In another couple of cases the pages are galleries of photos taken of objects for which I have little responsibility. To top it all off, most of the pictures on this very page are not even hosted on my site.

For reasons I find inexplicable, this branch contains some of the most popular pages on my web site. I expect it's from the fact that they've been around a long time, and a large number of pages linking to them, pushing me up the Google pecking order. You'd think there would be better sources for the trepanation article by now, though.

The antique Japanese Woodworking Manual

The Takekurabe Soshi emaki

The Icehouse Signatorium

The Icehouse Page

My Android Avatar collection

My Baoding Ball collection

The Book of Beak

Scans and pictures of some of my Scouting Memorabilia

A collection of digital pictures of random stuff.

A big Fluxx Deck List

The Lolita Collection:
Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe,
Humbert's "Wanted" poem,
Letter from Lolita to Humbert,
The poem Humbert makes Quimby read,
Reference Notes

The Dan & Eric Limb

An article about trepanation, the practice of drilling a hole in your head.

The "Reunion Scene" from The Princess Bride

A Recipe for Mace Cake

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