Icehouse Tournament Summary List

Tourn. Year Winner CTI Notes
IIT01 1989 Choat Atwood First International Icehouse Tournament
IIT02 1990 Conley Travillian
IIT03 1991 Baker Baker
IIT04 1992 Mackey Efran The Bates Discordian team win
IIT05 1993 Russett Cooper Icehouse in the Cal Rogers Suite
IIT06 1994 Russett HendricksonTournament was not held near Disclave
IIT07 1995 Evans Crowe Dan Russett can't make it
IIT08 1996 Davenport Wendland Death of the snowball
IIT09 1998 Evans Tournament at Origins
WCI01 1999 Grayson Laurent First West Coast Icehouse Tournament
IIT10 1999 Looney Evans Tenth/Anniversary Tournament
WCI02 2000 Szasz Grayson Baycon 18
IIT11 2000 Evans Zuckerman Looney Labs Big Experiment #1
WCI03 2001 Galloway Galloway Baycon 19
IIT12 2001 Davenport Sugarbaker Looney Labs Big Experiment #2
WCI04 2002 Galloway Spehr Baycon 20 in '02
IIT13 2002 Bryan Bryan Twenty participants!
WCI05 2003 Lang Follansbee Lang also won WCZ2
IIT14 2003 Davenport Kelly Very close finals
WCI06 2004 Grayson Effinger The last West Coast Icehouse tournament?
IIT15 2004 Zuckerman Tenney Three new finalists
IIT16 2005 Davenport Welton Fourth win for Jacob
IIT17 2006 Lighton Drobina Jacob does not attend
IIT18 2007 Hunt Hunt The third triple crown ever
IIT19 2008 Taylor Dutton High noon on Saturday
IIT20 2009 Davenport Eller Jacob wins again, but is the shotgun dead?
IIT21 2010 McGuire McGuire Smallest tournament to date.
IIT22 2011 Davenport Davenport Strong work again from Jacob, a triple crown.

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