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I love it when the web treats me bad

A few months ago, I jumped into the "Cat Macro"/"LOLcat" trend with both feet and LOL'ed the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show to create the LOLcky Horror Picture Show. This project didn't go unnoticed by the world, and I have the traffic stats to prove it. I was very, very disappointed when the Wall Street Journal article about the trend didn't mention my page, but I'm always delighted when virtually anybody else does.

Today I got the bright idea of replacing the 404 page for my site with an appropriate LOL image. I understand I'm not the first to think of this, as when I started doing searches I found several mentions of other sites and the ones they use.

This is a long prologue to me being delighted that this page about LOLcats links to me using the word "craze".

2007.09.25 at 10:00am EDT

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