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Emphasis on the "Rock"

Back in February, I bought a tenoning jig at Rockler hardware to do the joinery for the shoji screen project. You might gasp looking at that price, and believe me I think it's expensive, too, but it saved me so much time and effort on those screens I thought it was a good investment.

A tenoning jig

Of course, this weekend it broke. I was tightening the wheel to clamp a piece of wood into the jig, and the arm that goes behind the wood just snapped. I was supremely disappointed, and it caused me to give up on a minor project that had already given me way too much trouble.

Today I took the jig into the Rockler store, and the manager said, "I've never seen one break like that. What would you like, a replacement, a credit, or a refund? Not that it's necessary, but do you have the receipt for this?" Win, win, and win. I took a replacement.

Rockler has consistently given me excellent customer service, and this latest episode is another great one.

2009.11.16 at 5:30pm EST

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