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Project Arimoto Lamp

This past Sunday, I took another woodworking class with Mr. Tadao Arimoto. His lesson for us this time ws to build this lamp.

Arimoto Lamp

All of the wood is Black Locust that Mr. Arimoto acquired and planed for us. We cut the pieces to length, and cut all the joinery with hand saws and chisels. The upright joins to the base with a wedged mortise & tenon joint. The disk that holds the socket is joined to the cross piece with a sliding dovetail joint. The crosspiece has a dovetail tenon cut in its other end, which fits into an angled mortise in the upright. A wedge presses the angles together to secure the join.

I'm using a 40 Watt diffuse decorative bulb in the lamp. The shade around the light is shoji paper. The stone weight on the base of the lamp is a piece of Tarentum, PA curbstone originally cut in the 1920s.

All told, there is about eight hours of my work in the lamp. Most of the work occurred in class, but it needed a couple of final touches once I got it home.

2010.02.25 at 12:00am EST

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