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Index Card Box Project

So anyway, the project that I was actually working on when I needed to use the table saw was this little box to hold index cards.

Index Card Box

Ever since I noticed that my printer could handle sheets of paper as small as index cards, I've been using them for all kinds of things. This means I have a pile of blank cards, and a pile of cards that have things printed on them. This box can hold both stacks right next to the computer, where I often need one or the other.

It's made of cedar left over from Shoji Project, but I did some resaw work on the table saw to rip it down thickness-wise. I also went a bit overboard on the joinery, making little dadoes and rabbets for each of the joins. I reinforced the glue with brass escutcheon pins, though. The box is finished with a couple coats of boiled linseed oil, just to protect the wood and pop the grain a little bit.

2010.03.30 at 12:00am EDT

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