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Green Suikan

I haven't been happy with the spiff level of my Japanese garb. I mean, some friends of ours are being crowned king and queen next month, and I still look like I should be waiting outside. My real goal is to make a kariginu over-robe, but I knew I didn't want to just jump into heavy brocade without a better idea of the shapes I would need to work with, so I decided to start with a suikan. The suikan is basically the same shape as a kariginu, only unlined and in plainer fabric.

Green Suikan

The suikan is made from four yards of fabric, fourteen feet of lace, ten silk pom-poms, and hope. It turned out OK. I know what I'll change when I make the kariginu.

There's actually a simple project page for this, though it's mostly just there to hold a few more pictures.

2011.03.18 at 4:00pm EST

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