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Another Red Linen Suikan

As I mentioned in the post about my second suikan I mad that one so that I'd have something to lend to the then Prince of the Kingdom. Well, that went so well that I decided to make a gift of the outfit to him when he was cronwed King. I felt really good about that, but then it took months for me to get around to making a replacement. Anyway, here it is.

Another Red Linen Suikan

More pictures if you follow the link around that one.

The sleeve cord is store bought becuse I am still in the midst of my big "Creative Kumihimo" project, but the collar cord is a nice silk one from out of my stash, and the kikutoji are hand made of course.

I have a new method for those that is a bit less labor intensive. Instead of wrapping each one individually, which means counting to 250 ten times per suikan, I do all five of each color from a single long set of wraps, which means counting to 250 only twice. I should do a video or something.

In any case, that's two projects down out of the list of seven that I came up with back in May. I actually have the first part of #3 done already, so I am still on track to have the first few done before Pennsic.

2012.06.25 at 7:30am EDT

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