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Two More Shogi

So I've already made a couple of these Japanese-style shogi camp stools, but I decided two more would be handy for Pennsic. Making both at once saved a little time, and let me practice my method.

Pair of Shogi

The construction is basically the same as the very first shogi, with poplar boards and dowels, and brass reinforcement straps at the ends of the legs. However, the hinge hardware is all brassy instead of zinc.

Brass reinforcements

Brass plated hinge pins

Brass cotter pins

I was able to get some brass-plated hinge pins (like for household doors), so I cut them down to length and cross-drilled them to make brass clevis pins. I was able to get solid brass cotter pins and washers to hold them in place. I wish I'd been able to get solid brass hinge pins, but this looks so much better.

2012.07.31 at 12:00am EDT

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