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Back from Pennsic 41

I have returned from the Pennsic War, not on my shield (because I don't have shield), but bearing all our other stuff, certainly.

The main road to the camp site was still missing its bridge, which created no small inconvenience for thousands of people, but we survived. Perhaps by next year, the new bridge will be finished.

On Sunday, I participated in the procession for opening ceremonies as part of the BMDL contingent. I wore my Kingdom Kataginu for a little bit of spiffiness. I also carried the Aethelmearc populace banner, though since we all got rained on, and my cheap yari blade started to rust almost immediately. I bumped into a friend of mine who was with another delegation, and we went and got some breakfast under a food merchant's dry awning instead of waiting out in the rin or forcing our way into the barn where the ceremonies were held.

On Monday, I showed off my Creative Kumihimo 16-strand project at the Arts and Sciences Display in that very same barn. There were people from all over the "Known World" displaying impressive projects. This event took all day, and I stayed with my project all day to explain it to people and make friends. It also gave me a chance to finish up the last braid in the project right there at Pennsic. I did two more braids to fill up the rest of the time, though they were just 8-strand braids.

On Tuesday, I gave a two-hour class on 16-strand kumihimo on the marudai. It was well attended, with nine people there to learn. I only had my six student marudai, but two people brought their own equipment and two people shared. I taught the square genji braid, the flat hira nami braid, and the hollow round keiruko no himo, as well as some basic skills.

On Thursday, Sharon and I participated in "Narrow Wares Day" on Artisan's row. We spent most of the day sitting and braiding in a tent with other braiders, card weavers, and others. We answered a lot of questions, and I used up some of the extra material from my class.

Of course, a lot more happened, but those were some of the biggest things.

2012.08.13 at 10:00pm EDT

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