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Kingdom Kataginu

After the success of my Baronial Kataginu, I used some of the extra line from my Red Suikan project to make a red linen kataginu and then decorated it with the populace badge of the Kingdon of Aethlemearc. The white shape in the middle is called an "escarbuncle".

Kataginu Front

Follow the picture's link for more images, including close-ups of the painted badges. I again used Jacquard "Neopaque" brand acrylic fabric paint, which again wasn't 100% opaque but is close enough. For the large badge on the back, I made a full stencil for the first coat of fabric paint, and did the second coat by hand. For the small badges on the shoulders, I was able to cut a stencil to make sure the arms had the correct length and angles, but I didn't have the patience to cut a detailed enough stencil for the little greebly bits. Those were done by hand with my finest brush.

2012.06.29 at 12:00pm EDT

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