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Deuxsty Thermeaux

So hey, I never posted this picture of my new car that I got back in November.

Deuxsty Thermeaux

So far, I'me really enjoying this new version of the Focus. I like having the hatchback, and I love the 30 extra horsepower. There have only been a couple of close calls where some crazy person tried to kill me during my morning commute, and I only slid once. I wasn't even a serious slide; I barely went 20 degrees or so off of my intended course, and it was probably because of a little ice.

There are a couple of rattles I never had with my old car, and that makes me frown, and there were a couple of scratches in the paint that really made me angry until the dealer had them touched up for free, but overall I am happy. The butt warmers have made a real positive impact on my winter experience.

2013.02.04 at 12:00am EST

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