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Small Cypress Karabitsu Project

When I went shopping for the cypress I used to make the large cypress toolchest, I had not yet decided how large I wanted to make that chest. So, I bought a cypress 1x12, a 1x10, and a 1x8. I wound up using only the 1x8 and 1x12 for the chest, leaving me with eight feet of 1x10 cypress. To use it up, I decided to make a smallish karabitsu.

Small Cypress Karabitsu

It came out OK. I used power tools for almost everything, from planing the wood smooth to final sanding. There's no hardware in this karabitsu, it's entirely wood and glue. I decided it was small enough to even skip my usual pegs, so it's just glue all the way. No finish yet, though I tied on this braid as decoration.

There's only about 0.6 cubic feet of volume inside. It's about 14"x9"x8", so I guess I could use it for storing Legal size paper.

This karabitsu actually took me about two months to complete. I began it in March just before starting a new full-time job, and the project was beset by some minor delays that bumped other things a little farther up the priority list. I used my extended Memorial Day Weekend to finally complete it.

2013.05.27 at 6:30pm EDT

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