In the following week, these haiku were posted either to the mailing list, or to the zephyr instance:

The scabs and sores that
Plague my body are often
Worse in the springtime.
- Elliott C. Evans

In the late autumn,
When leaves wither and fall down,
My nose crumbles off.
- Elliott C. Evans

Like Job bemoaning
The loss of his family
I weep for my ear.
- Elliott C. Evans

Oh, no, leprosy
Armadillos can get it
I hope I do not.
- jimz

Simon was leprous
He left long trails of organs
Boy, was that sucky!
- Doug DeCarlo

On a windy day
Guns are unnecessary
To blow my head off.
- Doug DeCarlo

Check extremities.
No summer sun can wake these
from numbing winter.
- Kurt Schaefer

Oh the fetid smell.
Dull senses alert too late.
Ulcers bloom with spring.
- Kurt Schaefer

Sure glad i don't have
Leprosy. That would really
Suck in the winter.
- Axe

In winter we play
Hockey except when there's a
Face off on the ice.
- Joby

My life is Winter
Yet my soul is the Summer
My limbs are just Fall.
- Chris Rapier

Breeze over the lake
See the ducks flutter and splash
Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!
- Andy "Zarf" Plotkin

The weasels ate up
The parts of my body that
Died and fell away.
- Esther Filderman

Jenny Craig you fool
Who needs a diet when your
Body falls apart.
- Esther Filderman

She loves basketball
Since her illness she uses
Her boobs to dribble.
- Esther Filderman

I would create more
But i must go catch a bus
Hope my self stays whole.
- Esther Filderman

leper beach outing
salt water laps at their toes
floating out to sea
- Karen Fabrizius

lepers at the beach
do not need sunblock lotion
wipe away the tan
- Paul Mazaitis

Fall rain comes gently
pond ripples with falling leaves
fingers drop like stones.
- Greg Landrum

we are holding hands
our fingers intertwine -- hey,
come back here with that
- Andy Plotkin

morning, sun shining
coffee perks, toast is soon done
flesh makes tasty jam.
- Greg Landrum

sex can be a drag
when you're afraid of leaving
your true love behind
- Esther Filderman

reading haikus here.
i will blow chunks on the floor...
aha! found that finger!
- Brian Harrison

I was bulimic
until my finger came off
while stuck in my throat
- Greg Landrum

melted brie is yum
but it tastes much better when
i stir with his tongue
- Esther Filderman

lepers laugh aloud,
"We have a quicker way than
bulemia diet."
- Brian Harrison

i used to archive
the sick jokes on dan and eric
about pilot last remarks.
- Brian Harrison

my good friend in need
asks me for a hand today
so I oblidged him.
- Brian Harrison

headaches are so fun
someone pulled the dagger out
my head went with it
- Esther Filderman

My sores and pustules
Continue to produce filth
Much like this instance.
- Elliott Evans

the weather turns cold
"bridge freezes before surface"
blood swirls down the stream.
- Brian Harrison

Valentines Day gone
Hearts strewn all over the stores
One of them is mine
- jimz

don't smoke any more
took a deep drag on a butt
then coughed up a lung
- Esther Filderman

decided to die
tried to slit my throat but my
head snapped & rolled off
- Esther Filderman

help, feline vulture
she climbs on my shoulder &
my arm falls away
- Esther Filderman

Poetry leprous
Falls from and with our fingers
Like leaves in Autumn
- jimz

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