My Fiancee is Short

A wooden footstool/stepstool

July 2003

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It matches the stereo cabinet and shelves

So first came the shelves that you see in the picture. After that came the stereo cabinet, which blocks the back half of some of the shelves, and forced some of the CDs to higher shelves. Also, we've started keeping DVDs on the upper shelves, which are even more difficult for my 5'4" fiancee to reach, so she asked me to build a stool or something for her to stand on. That's basically the whole story if you include the part where it takes me like a whole year to build and finish the thing Even though it only hase five parts.

It's very sturdy, and can probably support a few hundred pounds. The top surface is made of 2x12, and the legs are made of the same material. The sides are thinner, but they're mostly just there to keep it from being wobbly. The whole thing's held together with only a dozen fasteners, but it's rock solid.

Strong enough for standing on

Here's a picture of the footstool supporting my feet. O, happy feet!


This stool is made entirely out of scrap lumber. The 2x12 for the top surface and legs is from the viking chairs I made for Pennsic. The side rails are extra wood from the shelves you can see in the photo above. The finish is the same kind that I used on the shelves and on the stereo cabinet. There are some screws and stuff, but I always have plenty of those around. There's also some felt on the bottoms of the feet to keep it from scratching the floor.

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