Mini Stash Box

A Very Small Stash Box

box closed box open

October 1999

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I've always been interested in finding the smallest carrying case for one player's worth of Icehouse pieces. This used to limited by having to hold fifteen pyramids that didn't collapse (my own MinimIce pieces notwithstanding). In November of 1999, Looney Labs released the next generation Icehouse sets, and these had nesting pieces!.

So, what I did was take the 3-point "tip saver" construction from my Display Boxes, and modifying the design of the Origami Efran Stash box to fit just that tip saver. What I wound up with is the Micro Stash Box. The photos above show the box open and closed. It's smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

The photos below show the tip saver, somewhat removed from the box. The first photo shows you the end of the construction, so you can see the cross-section. The second photo shows the support structure glued in underneath.

box closed box closed


The box is made almost entirely out of card stock. The top is decorated with one of Looney Labs' Tirade stickers. (Tirade is the sentient broccoli depicted in the middle.) The whole outside surface is covered in press-on lamination, which greatly improves the cardstocks durablity without adding a heck of a lot of thickness.

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