The Stacker Stash Box

A Super Small Stash Box for Stacking Pieces

A close-up of the pieces stacked in the box

November, 1999

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The Efran Stash Box is small, the Mini Stash Box is smaller, and the Stacker Stash Box is smaller still. It's the smallest stash box to date, voluming in at a mere 6.125 cubic inches! If anybody can make a smaller rectangular prism box to hold one player's worth of Icehouse pieces, I'd be happy to see it.

This box is a little longer than the Efran Stash Box (left), but is half the width of the Mini Stash Box (right) without adding any thickness! What's more, it doesn't need a tip saver, so it takes a lot less time to construct.


That's it, essentially, except for micro-amounts of toner.

The Process

You will need:

  1. Print the pattern onto cardstock.
  2. If desired, decorate the unprinted side of the cardstock.
  3. Laminate the unprinted side of the cardstock.
  4. Score all internal lines of the pattern.
  5. Cut all external lines of the patter.
  6. Fold all internal lines of the pattern with the printing inside.
  7. At each end:
    1. Fold the two short tabs in.
    2. Fold the long tab in, folding the extra bit over the top.
    3. Glue the extra bit into place on the inside.
    4. Clamp, and allow to dry.
  8. Fill with a stack of Icehouse pieces.
  9. Fold the top over, and tuck the extra tab inside the box.


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