A Task Basket

A box with a handle

June 2007

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A tisket, as tasket, a homely wooden "basket".

During the Plant Shelves project, there was one episode where I had made the shelf about two feet too long, and had to shorten it by cutting off the extra length. I patched that extra piece to make a shallow box, and I'd been using it to carry supplies around for other tasks. For instance, during a recent mission to install plant hooks out on the porch, I filled the box with screw eyes, drill bits, tape measure, pencil, and carpenter's square. Since most of my supplies are stored in the basement, collecting all the stuff I need into a "kit" before I go upstairs saves wear and tear on my knees.

It was kind of inconvenient to carry around, though. It was just a shallow box. So, one day I decided to add a handle. The result isn't pretty, but it used up some scrap materials and was loads of fun to make.


The Process

Getting there is half the fun! I managed to use a nice selection of the tools in my workshop, helping to justify their existence and demonstrate that once you have a bunch of tools, even unplanned projects can go smoothly.

First, I cut the handle supports to size using a circular saw. Then, I rounded the upper corners using a jigsaw. After that, I used a spade bit in the drill press to make the holes for the handle to go through. I put a sanding drum in the right-angle drill to smooth out the holes and edges. Lastly, I nailed the supports in place using a nail gun.

The handle itself is a piece of left-over dowel from the Looney Sign project that I did nearly nine years ago. Finally, this useful looking piece of scrap finds a home! I cut the handle to length using a band saw. To keep the handle in place between the supports, I used the drill press to drill holes near the ends of the handle that go about half way through. After I slid the handle into place, I glued furniture dowels into the holes.

Later, I installed a screw hook on one end of the handle so that it would have a handy hook to hang things from. I put a smaller "cup" type hook inside one handle support for holding smaller things. I also drilled a vertical hole in one of the box edges to hold the occasional screw driver or drill bit.

This item isn't the prettiest thing I've ever made, but that was defintely part of its attraction. Without the worry of it having to be pretty, I could focus on just making it. It was fun to sort of wander around the workshop, choosing materials and tools as the whim hit me.

I've already used it a few times, and I look forward to it getting beat up, stained, paint spattered, gouged, and wonderful.

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