Shop Work Table

More Flat Surfaces in the Shop are Good

A work table in the shop

February 2009

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Another project born of my spending a bunch of time in the workshop recently. The table I was using for this saw was old an rickety, plus I accidentally broke it recently. Here is the new table:

This new table is sturdier than the old one, and it has more storage space underneath for workshop clutter. The plywood top overhangs the frame by 1.5" all the way around to enable clamping items to the table. Currently, that's the only clever feature I've added, though I'm considering adding apower strip and a kraft paper dispenser.


This is another project made entirely from stuff I had laying around. The brackets are left over from the Storage Shelves project from seven years ago. The 1/2" plywood top is left over from the Toy Chest project from seven months ago. The rest of the lumber is left over from at least two different projects.

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