Space Cat Pajamas

Funky Summer Weight Pajamas

Pajamas are fun

May 2005

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Close up of pocket

I made my first pair of pajamas because I wanted to make something from a pattern, and I figured pajamas were good because if they didn't come out perfect, that was OK because fewer people would ever see them. They actually came out pretty good, but when the weather started getting warm I had to stop wearing them, since they were made out of flannel. I'd gotten some more experience with the pyjama pattern by making some pyjamas for Sharon, so I decided to find some interesting cotton fabric and make myself another pair.


I found this great fabric at the fabric store, covered in swirly planets, stars, space ships, and cats in flying saucers. Perfect! The complex pattern introduced some small difficulty, since I decided to make sure the pattern on the pocket matched the underlying shirt pattern. I managed it pretty well, though.

The Process

Mostly, I just followed the pattern again. I left of the contrasting trim again, but that's just my preference. The work went quickly, and they came out nearly flawless. Practice makes perfect!

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