Peacock Pyjamas and Buff Bathrobe

Bedwear for my Sweetie

Peacock Pattern Pyjamas Beautiful Buff Bathrobe

February and April 2004

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After I made my first pair of pajamas, Sharon demanded that I make her a pair of pajamas with the same pattern, and also a robe form the bathrobe pattern that is included. We took a trip to G Street Fabrics to find the perfect flannel prints, and away I went.

Peacock-green marbled flannel
Buff flannel


For the pyjamas, Sharon picked out this wild flannel with a marbled print pattern. The predominant color is peacock green, bit there are actually 14 different pigments shown on the selvage. She also found some great iridescent buttons. The trim is a deep red cotton fabric.

For the robe, Sharon decided on a buff-colored flannel that's roughly the color of a Siamese kitten. The fabric actually has a subtle buff & white pattern, but this isn't very visible. The trim is a dark brown cotton fabric.

The Process

I actually followed the pattern more faithfully with these pyjamas than with either my blue flannel pyjamas or my space cat pyjamas. Both the pyjamas and the robe use a contrasting fabric to trim the cuffs and fabric edges, something I left out of my personal pyjamas.

Again, though, I added the back pocket on the pants. Sharon really likes this detail.

Posterior Pocket of Pyjamas

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