Pilot Case

Made of VelcroTM compatible fabric

November, 1998

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As part of the never-ending quest to discover the very best way to carry a PDA, I've tried a few different things. Most people just use cases, but I wasn't sure I would be comfortable doing that. It's not like I'm not already a huge geek. I already went through the belt case phase back in elementary-school, though, so I didn't want to spend the real money on a belt case I wasn't going to like wearing. I decided to make a case from scratch first, and see how that went. I had some nice fuzzy Velcro-compatible fabric left over from another project, so I decided to use that for my case. It would add padding, and be versatile. Since I was using black fabric, it would mach many of my other accessories.

So I wore it for a few days and realized I didn't like it.

Later I did this other thing to drop-proof the PalmIII. I got tired of that after a bit, too. Mostly I carry my PDA around in my shirt-pocket. It sucks when my shirt doesn't have a pocket though. I usually windup wearing a jacket of some kind.


The body of the case is made entirely of Velcro-compatible fabric. I doubled the fabric so it would be fuzzy on both the inside and the outside of the case.

The strap on the case is made of Velcro get-a-grip, which is fuzzy on one side and scratchy on the other. I chickened out and decided not to rely on having the Velcro keep itself stuck to the fabic, though. It's sewn on.

I also sewed a strip of Velcro on the inside of the case flap to act as a closure.

The Process

I really did just kind of run this off by eye, doubling up the fabric, sewing one side of the case, sewing, cutting, etc. I'm writing this more than three years after the project, so pictures are out of the question.

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