Cherry Red Silk Jammies

More pyjamas, in luxurious silk

Comfy silk pyjamas in a chery red color

October 2007

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While working with some great 'raw' silk fabric for a Yellow Kosode, I fell in love with the softness and warmth of the silk, and decided I should get some more similar fabric and make a pair of pyjamas.

I bought some in a nice cherry red, pulled out the pyjama pattern that I've used times three before, and got to work.


Navy blue soft linen Cherry red raw silk

The Process

I actually did the false fly from the pattern this time. I had been thinking of doign a real fly, but I decided it was too much trouble. I also did the pocket and cuff trim, but not the collar trim. I think this is the first time that I actually did the trim the way the pattern calls for.

My major deviation from the pattern this time was making a drawstring at the waist instead of inserting elastic. This necessitated some minor tweaks to the instructions, but not to the pattern overall. You have to sew the back seam on the pants before turning down the top edge, and leave the top bit of the front seam open to create an opening for the waist tie. Sew back the seam allowance flap in the front to finish this opening just after you create the false fly.

A minor deviation was putting an extra patch pocket (made from the same pattern as the shirt pocket) on the back of the pants, as I did on the Peacock Pyjamas.

This project was completed mostly in the evening after work, in four major work sessions of only a few hours each.

  1. Cut silk pieces for shirt and pants.
  2. Cut interfacing and sew most of pants.
  3. Hem pants and sew most of shirt.
  4. Finish shirt and attach buttons.

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