Fire Truck Jammies

Pyjamas for my Nephew

Fire Truck Flannel Jammies

July 2005

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After my positive experiences making pyjamas for myself and for Sharon, I decided it would be fun to make a pair of jammies for my 4-year-old nephew. The boy like fire trucks, so when I found some firetruck-pattern flannel and some firetruck-shaped buttons, I knew it had to be done.


The Process

The pattern I had for making adult pyjamas doesn't go small enough for kids, so I used Burda #9747. This is part of Burda's "easy" series, and worked very well. I like the pattern, and it certainly is simple enough to qualify as easy, but the instructions are very poor and certainly do not qualify. They leave out important steps that you have to infer, like when to make buttonholes and attach buttons. Even Butterick gets into that level of detail.

I'm happy with the way they came out, I just hope they fit.

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