Eeyore's Ford Focus G-Shock Box Page

In the USA, Ford is running a promotion with Casio. Everyone who buys a Ford Focus receives a little kit containing a Casio G-Shock digital watch and some other promotional items. Most Focus owners seem to get their box about 90 days after their purchase. Here's what mine was like.

Here's what the box looks like from the outside. It's bright yellow, and about 10.5 by 6 by 4 inches.
The first thing you'll see when you open the box is this letter from "The Ford Focus Brand Team".
Below that is an owner registration card addressed to the "F-Series Program Headquarters".
Next is a small folder containing marketing information about the Ford Focus "T4U (tailored for you) Kits".
Inside the folder is one card for each kit, plus a card listing prices and ordering information.
Under all that is the "meat" of the box, the watch and the frame.
The frame is a cardboard picture frame with a littloe card in it that says, "Thank You For Buying The Ford Focus". On the back is a sticky-back Velcro™ tab.
The watch is in its own little box.
Mine is a men's G-shock, with gray accents. The watch is mounted on a card which reads:
So, you decided to outfit yourself with a new Ford Focus, a car with smart design, performance, durability, dependability, and safety. It kinda sounds like the G-SHOCK… Now strap on your G-SHOCK and hop in your new Ford Focus and GRAB LIFE BY THE WHEEL.
On the back of the card, a little tag hangs from the watch band buckle.
The instructions for the watch are in the bottom of its box.
That's all there is, there ain't no more!

This promotion runs directly from Ford, so your dealer may not know anything about it. I don't know if there's a time limit on the deal, or if it's available everywhere.

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