Eeyore's Ford Focus Links

Focus 24-7
This somewhat lame, out of date, and all Shockwave web site is Ford's primary American web site for the Focus.
Ford US Focus Pages
The part of Ford's main US site devoted to the Focus.
Ford UK Focus Site
At least in the UK they know how to make web sites that don't require Shockwave.
Ford News Image Database
A wealth of nice photographs showing the Focus and other Ford models.
The Blue Oval News
An independant source for Ford news, they've had a few articles about the Focus, including one about the Focus as a European police vehicle.
Cars Everything
More industry press, they have some good specs on the Focus, and some good articles, notably this one about the design aesthetic used on the Focus.
iCollection Ford Focus Store
In case you're so into it that you just can't stop spending money. I mean, I might consider buying a Focus baseball cap for $10, but a Focus picnic kit for $230?
Focus Performance Accessories from Renocar
Czechoslovakian? I like the telephone console.
MSN Carpoint
If you're thinking of buying a Focus, there's some excellent information here, especially this excellent pricing report.
Club Focus
I take back what I said on the main page, there are fan sites out there. Mine is still the only personal fan page I've seen, though.
Ford Focus Enthusiasts
Another fan site. Mostly, they're interested in rally racing, but there's some cool general stuff here, too.
Focus Enthusiasts Mailing List
This electronic mailing list is "owned" by the guy who put together the Enthusiasts page above. The archive contains a couple of hundred messages, and seems to be a good source for news and some humorous items.
Ford Gives Focus Cabrio The Go-Ahead
Sedan too sedate for you?

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