Eeyore's Ford Focus Photographs

Here are some digital photos of my Ford Focus SE. I even managed to get these pictures before it snowed here, so you can see that my car is actually "Pitch Black" and not "Salty Gray".

Select (click on) any of the thumbnails below for a larger picture. Be aware, the larger pictures are uncropped and barely compressed. Most of them are in the 150 kilobyte range.

I also have 100 Focus Images from the "focus247" CD-ROM.

Front Exterior

This first picture is kind of my favorite, because you can see my Eeyore stuffed animal there on the back shelf. I have Velcro on his feet so he doesn't cave in my skull when I hit the brakes.

I think it's kind of creepy that I somehow avoided catching a reflection of myself in these photos. I'm not a vampire, really!


Notice the little mystery area up there on the dash board just to the right of the steering wheel. It's a little bin, I guess for holding change and other grot. I'll never use it for that, though. There's another little bin forward of the shifter, that's where the change goes. I want to build a scary looking instrument panel to fit in the mystery area.

Also note the little triangular button to the left of the instrument panel. That's the trunk release. No, really.

So Long, My Friend

No, I do not really have a blank license plate, I just edited that out because I'm a little paranoid.

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