Eeyore's Ford Focus

Farewell Dusty Thermo

After nearly 13 years, I did not feel I could rely on this venerable vehicle as my daily driver any longer. It was starting to have some minor mecahnical problems (nothing lasts forever), and I could see a long chain of repairs stretching off into the future. Rather than nickel and dime myself keeping this car driveable, I upgraded to a brand new 2013 Focus. Perhaps I'll update this page with the new ride, but maybe not. The Internet of 1994 is long gone, and even the Internet of 1999 (when this page went online) is a dim memory. This page will stay up for as long as possible, but you should know that Eeyore's First Ford Focus has driven off into the sunset. Farewell lovable Dusty Thermo, farewell.


Do you remember when web pages about your car were de rigueur, especially if you had a Saturn? Well, since the Focus is basically aimed at the same market that the Saturn was aimed at five years ago, when I bought my Focus, I went out looking for owner pages, and I couldn't find a single one! It was all industry press, Ford dealers, and Ford. What is up with that?

So anyway, I decided to create a page for my Focus in the old-time spirit of the lame car pages of the past! As I have more to say, expect this page to grow. It is, as they say, always under construction.

If you have any questions about my Focus, or the Focus in general, feel free to send me email. It's not like I know anything special about the Focus, but I'm always glad to know that somebody reads these things.


Photographs of Eeyore's Focus
Digital pictures of the features and details of Eeyore's Focus.
Focus Tips and Tricks
Things I've discovered to make life with your Focus a little easier.
Ford Focus Frowns
Every silver lining has a storm cloud. This wouldn't be Eeyore's page without some negativity.
G-Shock Promotion
Buy a Focus, get a free digital watch!
Links to other Focus Resources
Because we didn't always have search engines.

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